Partner With Pastor Glen

Why Become A Partner:

Galatians 6:6 (Amplified) says, “Let him who receives instruction in the Word (of God) share all good things with his teacher (contributing to his support”).

When you partner with Pastor Glen’s Radio Ministry, you are…

• investing in yourself

• training, promoting, and educating pastors

• giving people courage through radio, books, and crusades

• and doing your part to make an impact for Jesus

When You Support Pastor Glen’s Radio Ministry You Will Receive:

Free CD that corresponds with what Pastor Glen has been teaching on radio.

Free Subscription to “Weekly Encouragement” email. 
This motivational email is full of faith-building and mind renewing messages meant to stir you up on a continual basis.

Prayer support. 
Every partner gets prayed for on a regular basis. In addition to that, every prayer request that you send in is read and we are standing in faith with you and believe for God’s best concerning your request.

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